Top 20 Twitter videos of 2020
15. September 2020

Our Top 20 Twitter videos of 2020 | Hotwife & Cheating

By Claire & Alex

We love our twitter community and are very active on twitter, which also means we post a lot of really hot stuff, focused mainly on hotwife, cuckold, and MFM threesomes. So today we share our top 20 twitter videos of 2020 (so far ;)), based on the content our followers engaged the most with.

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1. Isn’t it just part of the show?

2. cum inside me

3. fuck I hope she cheats

4. Ever tried it?

5. Last night your wife and friend were drunk and stupid the morning after they were just horny ?

6. Make her moan louder so he hears you next time ??

7. She was so excited for your friend to come and fuck her ?

8. She said they were working out together you never imagined this was what she meant

9. You can always trust her ?

10. Think Im gonna start more fights with her ??

11. A dare for a laugh ?

12. He got your ex and your current gf ?????

13. When she is stuck with her roommate during lockdown ?

14. One “big” detail ??

15. He doesn’t know our agreement ??

16. She went hiking with your best friend ?

17. Did not know that, thanks for sharing ?

18. He is such a good friend 😉 ?

19. Nah man, she will come back when she is done with you ?

20. Just a little thing to remember him off ?

21. Well they did catch up.. ??

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