The Best Cuckold Charm Bracelet
20. October 2020

The Best Cuckold Charm Bracelet to give to your wife

By Claire & Alex

So you’re a cuckold and have a hotwife? Congratulations, there is a lot of couples who haven’t dared to take that step.
But now it’s time to show it to the world that you got the sexiest wife on the planet and that you are willing to share her – and the best way to do that is to give her a cuckold charm bracelet.

Not everyone will get this, but people in the community or interest for it definitely will get it.

The straight forward “hotwife”

This one is super sexy, it’s definitely not so subtle as some of the other we shares in here. Because even though you don’t know what an anklet means, the words hotwife definitely gives it away.

So this one of the charms we only use if we are going to a swingers party or similar, or if we are going to friends to get a thrill knowing they’d see she is a hotwife.

Key and lock

This is a really cute bracelet with a key and a lock, it’s subtle so she can wear it anywhere. This is a go to for us, it’s super hot going out when she is wearing this to see if anyone notices.

Queen of Spades (QOS)

Queens of spades when we talk cuckolding is basically a white wife who loves a big black cock or a BBC. So if you are into BBC cuckolding, if your wife is only into black cock, then this is definitely a go to for you.

The Slut

This one is hot! A slut is by no means a negative thing, it’s super hot when women releases her inner slut. But if you want to give this to your wife, make sure she knows it’s a compliment.


This is the absolute most sublte charm, and it is actually really cute – perfect for a vacation when your wife is one the beach to flash this subtle little charm.

We know all of these come from Amazon, and it’s due to the simple fact; These are the most beautiful bracelets we could find. There is some good on but at the time of writing this, we find the jewelry on amazon to be better looking.

So are you going to give one to your wife? Or surprise your husband with one of these? Let us know in the comments.

Did we miss a good one? Link it to us.

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