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14. January 2021

How to have a MFM threesome with your wife

Having a MFM threesome with your wife is a fantasy for many men (and women). But how do you get her interested in the idea and how do you have a successful MFM threesome. Those are some hard, not easy to answer, questions which we will try to cover. Bear in mind we are not professional sex therapists or anything so this is solely based […]

20. October 2020

The Best Cuckold Charm Bracelet to give to your wife

So you’re a cuckold and have a hotwife? Congratulations, there is a lot of couples who haven’t dared to take that step.But now it’s time to show it to the world that you got the sexiest wife on the planet and that you are willing to share her – and the best way to do that is to give her a cuckold charm bracelet. Not […]

25. September 2020

10 Types of Cuckolds – Which one are you?

Being a cuckold can mean a lot of different things, some likes to be humiliated some just likes to watch their wife / girlfriend to have sex with another man. Being a cuckold means being a cuck, a man, who has a wife or girlfriend that has sex with other men (the bulls).As we said there is 10 types of cuckolds – which one are […]