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23. December 2019

Amateur Snow Bunny getting BBC

You gotta love watching Amateur Snow Bunny getting BBC. The girl’s pure white smooth skin and the man’s dark skin and big black cock just look so fucking hot together.Just the thought of watching a BBC sliding in and out of a snowflakes white tight pussy makes us both tingle and horny as fuck! Hell, I (Claire) could almost cum just thinking of it. WHITE […]

16. December 2019

Snapchat cheating & college girls

Who doesn’t love snapchat cheating and wild college girls? It’s really one of the hottest things, we’ve found 4 super hot videos with college girls who have gone wild. HOOLIGAN STATE – SEXY COLLEGE SLUT FUCKED ON SNAPCHAT This girl gets it good, we felt a bit bad for the boyfriend with the whole “breaking up with you part” but when you get a good […]

9. December 2019

Cheating Girlfriends Fuck

Did you know that the search term “cheating housewives” had an increase of 250% on google over the last 12 months? There is a very simple reason for this, we want our wife’s and girlfriends to cheat, and they want to cheat as well. Why ? Well because cheating girlfriends fuck is super hot QUICK FUCK WITH MY NEIGHBOUR NEXT TO MY BOYFRIEND – NEXTDOORNURS3 […]

3. December 2019

Amateur Wives Loving BBC – Cuckold

Once you go black you never go back! Almost at least, I love black cocks but I love all dicks on guys that know what they are doing with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰Below is some hot amateur wives loving BBC MY WIFE IN HER FIRST INTERRACIAL CUCKOLD She absolutely loves that dick, just listen to her moans and whimpering, and what a great petite body. BLACKEDRAW Wife […]

25. November 2019

The Hottest Hotwife – Swollenclithotwif

This couple is one of our favourites, it is such a hot couple who often welcomes other persons to a good mfm fuck. One of the things we really like about these videos you’ll find below is the length of them, some are over 1 hour, we know it’s not the best if you just want a quick wank. But if you’re having some fun […]

18. November 2019

It’s not cheating if it’s only a blowjob

We love blowjobs, my boyfriend loves to get blow jobs and I love to give blowjobs not only to my BF but basically every guy. I get so wet when I’m down on my knees sucking and pleasing some guy.Love the feeling of his hard cock in mouth listening to him groan with pleasure, oh and especially when he cums and you can feel the […]

11. November 2019

Hotwife Fucked by Stranger

Have you ever had your wife have sex with a stranger, watching her hot and sweaty with someone neither of you know? If you haven’t tried we definitely recommend it, it is such a turn on for everyone.It is one of our biggest kinks and we cannot wait to try it again. Below is some videos that sparkle our imagination and re-live fun memories. MY […]

2. November 2019

Craigslist Bull, Cuckold Hotwife

You really can find everything on Craigslist ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are super turned on by the videos below and are really unfortunate that we don’t have anything similar in Denmark! Less talk more show here is a couple of hot videos of craigslist bull fucking cuckold husbands. CRAIGSLIST BULL, CUCKOLD Just watch how her legs are wrapped around her bull, she is absolutely loving the pounding […]

25. October 2019

Husband watching wife fuck

Sometimes there is nothing hotter than a husband watching wife fuck with someone else, it doesn’t matter if he is a stranger or a close friend, as long as they put on a good fuck. And as for me as a woman I LOVE to put on a good show for my boyfriend, I love it when he joins as well but I love to […]

14. October 2019

Cheating wives and girlfriends

In honesty we don’t support cheating. That being said we love to play around with cheating.Meaning – I’m allowed to cheat. Which really doesn’t make it cheating since I’m allowed to do it, but the pretend of it is such a huge turn on for both of us.Here is a couple of hot cheating wives and girlfriends 1. fucking friends gf and cumming on her […]