10 types of cuckolds
25. September 2020

10 Types of Cuckolds – Which one are you?

By Claire & Alex

Being a cuckold can mean a lot of different things, some likes to be humiliated some just likes to watch their wife / girlfriend to have sex with another man.
Being a cuckold means being a cuck, a man, who has a wife or girlfriend that has sex with other men (the bulls).
As we said there is 10 types of cuckolds – which one are you?

The conscious cuck

Also, the “standard” cuck is the one where the male knows that his wife is having sex with other men, the male doesn’t necessarily get directly involved, he can watch, join or he might not even be in the room.
It is not a requirement to see his wife having sex with other men, but wouldn’t mind it either.

You might be a classic conscious cuck: if the mere thought of her having sex with another man is enough stimulation for you.

The oblivious cuck (The cheating wife)

You might be a cuck without even knowing it, many cucks are being cuckolded without them knowing, or maybe they know but don’t want to know.

You might be an oblivious cuck: if the thought doesn’t turn you on, but you don’t mind her having sex with other men – or you… might just be one without knowing (cheating wife).

The thinking cuck

If you’re not actually a cuck yet, maybe you haven’t dared to talk to your wife or girlfriend about it yet, or maybe you just want to stick to the fantasy for now.
Like if you are sitting at home imagining what your wife might do on a girls’ night out.

You might be a thinking cuck: if your wife or girlfriend is not actually having sex with anyone and/or she does not know about your fantasy – but you are fantasying about it… a lot!

The unselfish cuck

This is the type of cuckold who just wants to do everything to please his wife. He is quite aware that he might not be able to fulfill her needs sexually and therefore allow her to have sex with other men to have her sexual needs fulfilled. In other words, this type of cuck does it to make her happy. This is usually the cucks with a small penis or has poor fitness in bed.

You might be the unselfish cuck: if you allow your wife or girlfriend to have sex with other men so she can have her sexual needs and happiness fulfilled, you do not necessarily get a sexual thrill from it.

The BBC Cuck

This might be self-explanatory, but this type of cuckold enjoys seeing his wife or girlfriend with black men who have a big penis. He gets a thrill from seeing his girl-chasing black men when they are going out.

You might be the BBC cuckold: if you enjoy seeing your girl with a big black cocks, and are less attracted watching her with other men than black men.

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The prepper cuck

The prepper cuckold is also the submissive cuck, they typically gets off on preparing his girl for a date with a more masculine man or gets off as acting as a servant for his girl. Some likes to be dominated purely sexual and some likes to be dominated in other aspects as well, being told to clean the house etc, and he does so in order to try and please his woman.

You might be the prepper cuckold: if you get off on feeling inadequate and therefore seeks to please your girl by making her feel good in other ways like prepping her to have sex with another man.

The bisexual cuck

The bisexual cuck is quiet self explanatory, he gets off on helping his wife suck the alpha males cock. He wants to be invited to do the same things his wife does, suck the cock, eat a cream pie and maybe even being fucked by the bull. Helping your wife suck the bulls cock – also goes well hand in hand with the prepper.

You might be the bisexual cuckold: If you get off on the thought of helping your wife sucking a big cock.

The humiliated cuck

The humiliated cuckold is a cuck that feels like a beta male, he know is doesn’t measure up for his wife or girlfriend in any way – not only does he knows this, he wants to be told this. He wants to watch his wife being fucked properly while she tells him he “could never please her the way the bull does” etc.
It’s the type of cuck that wants his cock locked up, and gets off on being denied sex with his girl, and he knows he has to earn his way out of the cage by doing everything she says. He likes to be left completely out of control of anything sexual going on.

You might be the humiliated cuckold: if you get off being told you have a small cock.

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The observer cuck

The observer cuckold is a cuck that enjoys watching his girl fuck someone else. He doesn’t join them, he just observes them. To him there is no enjoyment in his girl having sex with someone else, unless he is there to watch them in action.

You might be the observer cuckold: if you are a porn lover and want to watch your girl in a live action porn

The fushion cuck – (could be all 10 types of cuckolds)

The fushion cuck is a fushion of several cuck types, as men very rarely fits under one box. For example it’s very likely you are the humiliated cuckold, the bisexual cuckold at the same time and/or the prepper.

You might be the fushion cuckold: if you don’t think you fit under one of the above categories.

So there you have 10 types of cuckolds, which one are you? Let us know in the comments.

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